Crypto copy-trading
and pooled investment fund

We offer two investment solutions: A pooled fund, where investors with less than $5000 can participate, and a copy trading service offered to investors with more than $5000. In both options a 5-25k-35%, 25-50k-25%, 50-100k-20%, 100-1M-15%
profit share will be collected by CryptoPAMM.
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*** - read carefully!!!
What is a PAMM account?
PAMM stands for a Percentage Allocation Management Module, also known as percentage allocation money management, is a form of pooled money trading. It allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies by entrusting your funds to an experienced trader and share the profit with him.
What trading strategy/bot is used?
This unique trading system has been utilised successfully for years in the FOREX market, and now it is applied in trading cryptocurrencies. The strategy uses multiple indicators, particularly Elliott Wave theory, multiple Moving Averages as well Fibonacci retracement levels. In combination, Elliott Wave theory helps to determine the major trend and spot the corrective pattern. Moving Averages provide information about the end of a pullback, while the Fibonacci retracement levels give prices entry price, stop loss and take profit levels.
What is the maximum risk and maximum number of trades at the same time?
Based on past trading, an average number of simultaneously opened trades at a time has been 4. In very few cases we had 8 trades running at the same time. With every trade we risk 3% of the current balance, thus the maximum risk is 24%. It is very important to understand that the 3% risk is applied to the latest balance, rather than to the original balance. For example, if a trader starts with $10,000, the risk per trade will be 3% of 10k. At some point, when the 50% profit has been reached, the 3% risk will be calculated based on $15,000, providing a compounded profit.
*** What safety measures do you use to prevent a 100% loss?
Considering that the maximum number of trades opened at the same time is 8, and the risk per trade is 3%, the maximum drawdown can reach 25%. It is nearly impossible to have 8 losing trades in a row, however, we still must consider such scenario. If, at any time, the drawdown reaches 33% of the highest balance of the account, all trades are closed automatically. In this unlikely scenario, investors are being contacted and asked if they want to continue trading.
What is the minimum investment?
The minimum investment will depend whether you are investing in a pooled account or get our trades copied automatically to your Binance Futures account. Investors with less than $5,000 can only join a pooled account and have a master account under our management. Investors with more than $5,000 can have a copy trading enabled at their own Binance Futures account.
What is the difference between the copy trading vs pooled account?
With pooled account, investors' funds are being pooled to one account under the control of This means that investors will need to transfer the desired investment amount (not more than $5000) to our Binance account where the profit is shared between Crypto PAMM and investor at the end of each month. With the copy trading service, the investor keeps all the funds (not less than $5000) in his personal Binance Futures account.
*** What is your profit-sharing percentage?
CryptoPAMM keeps 5-25k-35%, 25-50k-25%, 50-100k-20%, 100-1M-15% of a total profit generated each month based on a high-water mark. This means that if during any month there was a loss, there will not be any profit-sharing until the loss has been completely recovered and the balance has reached a new higher high.
How/when is profit sharing distributed?
Profit sharing is distributed before the 5th of each month and calculated based on all the closed trades during the past month. For example, funds invested on the 15th of January will start to be traded on the 1st of February. The profit which was achieved in February will be shared before the 5th of March.
*** What is the security deposit for copy trading?
It is important to understand that a copy trading investor will have to make a 10% security deposit of the total balance of his Binance Futures account though the client cabinet. This is to cover the profit sharing fee for the following month. For example, an investor starts with a $10000 in his binance account, a $1000 deposit must be made to CryptoPAMM. Therefore it guarantees that the profit sharing is paid.

For example a profit of 50% has been achieved. An investor with a 10k balance would have a $5000 profit. Based on the profit sharing arrangement, a 35% of 5k profit must be paid to CryptoPAMM, which equals $1750. Considering that the security deposit has been only 10% ($1000) an investor must cover the additional $750 for the current month +$1000 security deposit for the next month's copy trading service
What are the investment periods?
For new investors trading will start on the 1st of the following month. For example, if an investment was made on the 3rd of January, it will be added to the pooled account only on the 1st of February. Therefore, it is very important to have your investment ready at the end of the moth, rather than the beginning of the month to avoid missing the entire month of trading.
*** Adding/removing funds to your trading account in between the trading period.
If an investment has been accepted and went into trading, it is highly recommended not to make any deposits and/or withdrawals. They should be made only on the 1st of each month to avoid any mistake in profit distribution calculations. Besides, if additional funds have been added to the account after a new peak in balance was achieved, this might result in a very high risk.
How do I track the performance results?
The performance result can be tracked directly through our website, where we share the performance chart with all detailed statistics. The total profit/loss achieved each month will be announced in our public telegram group
How to get started?
There are two ways to get started, depending if you are investing in a pool or want to start copy trading. First register and access your personal cabinet. There will be options to choose pool investing or copy trading.

For pool investing just make a deposit and your funds will start trading on the 1st of the following months. For copy trading, you need to make a 10% of the total balance on your Binance Account to cover the profit-sharing fee.
Which broker I can use for copy trading?
For copy trading, only a Binance Futures account can be used.
*** Is there a referral program?
We offer a 10% commission from the profit allocated to CryptoPAMM. For example if someone brings a client with a $10000 investment and then a 30% profit ($3000) has been reached, 35% profit share ( $3000x35%= $1050) is taken by CryptoPAMM. From $1050 an affiliate gets 10%, which is $1050x10%=$105.
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